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Thanks, Smarty

Kudos to Smarty Jones and Team Smarty for being a source of pride for our area.  While others are falling flat on their faces jumping off of the Smarty bandwagon after the devastating Belmont Stakes loss, I am still wearing my Smarty gear proudly.  He is the best athlete to come from these parts of late, and rest assured he won’t be holding out for more feed or demandng a new racetrack be built.  We certainly won’t be hearing about his conduct off the track, either.  What other sports superstar does public appearances for his or her adoring fans?

The horse and team deserve congratulations on all of their achievements, past and future.  Someone in New Jersey will remember those accomplishments long after the dust from Smarty’s thundering hooves has settled.

(The above was written by me and published in the opinion section of The Courier Post c. 2004)

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