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My Red Purse

2013-02-28_21-34-24_764Last Christmas I received a lovely red purse as a gift.  It wasn’t anything I had asked for, but it was something I had hoped for.  The manufacturer stained the leather to a wonderful cherry hue.  Through what other fanciful methods could this have been achieved?  Perhaps the purse found itself mistakenly brushed against some wet paint.  It may have ingested an accidental lunch of pasta sauce.  Perhaps a marker not properly capped stained the leather from the inside.  A lady’s lipstick could certainly cause quite a mess, leaking crimson onto the exterior.  In a macabre thought, perhaps the purse once contained the hearts from the chests of former lovers.  I am certain my red purse suffered no such indignities.  It was simply meant to be red and it looks smashing with my black, white, and red coat.

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