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Creepy Crawl Space

Crawl Space PanelEvery home has something eerie about it, whether it be a door that refuses to stay shut or a floorboard that creaks.  Unexplained sounds and shadows can wreak havoc on the imagination.  Sometimes it takes only a feeling of unease to have the owner contact a local paranormal group.

That feeling of unease washes over me whenever I enter the last bedroom on the second floor of my home.  My Cape Cod style house looks innocuous from the outside, and feels as such in all areas with this one exception.  The second floor had been configured multiple ways, at one time being an apartment.  It now contained a tiny library and two spare bedrooms.  The last room down the hall on the right has caused me discomfort since we moved in over ten years ago.

During the day, this room isn’t as scary, but I still have a feeling of dread when I’m in there.  It might have something to do with the crawl space in the wall.  We have only removed the painted wooden panel once, just to be sure it was empty and contained no secrets.  Satisfied it harbored no bodies, squatters or fugitives, we replaced the panel, never to remove it again.  The crawl space still troubled me, so a wall of storage boxes soon blocked the entrance.  Surely that would be enough to keep anything malevolent at bay.  Maybe. Hopefully.

This particular bedroom turns into a much more sinister place when darkness falls.  The feeling of unease is magnified and I linger as little as possible when the need arises to go into that room.  Sometimes I will avoid computer work in the library in the evenings because of its proximity to the room with the crawl space.

While I should have the ghost hunters on speed dial, I can accept the unease for now.  At this point, I’m not sure if I want to know for certain if there is a paranormal issue.  If the unease and dread progress into something I can actually see or hear, then I will call the paranormal group, quickly followed by a realtor.

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