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The animal I most identify with at this point in life is the bird, more specifically, a caged bird.  Like the bird, I too feel trapped, humans my wardens.  We both rely on people for survival and tire of doing their bidding.  We can be so much more than our oppressors allow.  The bird desires more from life than merely sitting on a perch, gazing through the bars of its cell.  It longs to soar among  the clouds free from its shackles.  The bird can grow and feel a sense of accomplishment, as its wings stretch to maximum capacity, ascending higher into the blue sky.  Only then can the bird be truly happy.

I long to be free from the daily grind.  I feel stunted, trapped in a holding pattern.  I have a creative side too long suppressed, ideas yearning for release.  The time is now.  I must break free of my cage to find happiness and fulfillment, so that I may soar with the bird, reaching for the stars.

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