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Statue of Silent Bob

I pass Lady Liberty every night on my evening commute.  A few people portray her, but it’s not a torch they hold high, instead it’s a sign advertising tax service.  The tax business around the corner employs people to don a Statue of Liberty costume and wave to passing motorists at a busy intersection.

My favorite statue is no lady at all, but rather she is a gentleman.  With his dark beard and sunglasses, he reminds me of the Kevin Smith character Silent Bob.  Bob is a jovial guy dressed in his robe and crown, waving at all the cars that pass, sometimes doing a little dance.  He looks to be making the best of his seasonal employment.  I always return Bob’s wave,  honking my horn because I love liberty, as Bob’s sign sometimes implores.  I have to acknowledge people who have jobs such as this, from Silent Bob to the people who dance in costume for the Halloween store.  I’m sure it’s not exactly their career path, and in this economy I may need a job like this to supplement my income.  So, thank you Silent Bob for your enthusiasm and ability to make this tired and poor person smile after a long workday.

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