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The Ecstasy of Irony

I love irony.  It flies under the radar until it’s discovered, then it practically slaps you in the face.  There are times when it makes you laugh out loud when you know you shouldn’t.  For instance, I was watching the evening news cover a funeral, when a song called “This is It” (the theme for a magazine-type show that followed the news) was clearly played over the audio of the story.  Even the anchors had difficulty maintaining their composure as they recognized the error.

The other day I was stopped at a red light and observed a white van in the lane next to me.  It was a commercial vehicle for a dry cleaning company.  What stood out to me was the Bible verse in large letters across the vehicle’s back doors.  I didn’t read the verse, but I glanced long enough to know what it was.  The irony of this was apparent to me but most likely to no one else.  I usually cruise to work with some sort of hard rock/heavy metal blasting, that works well in conjunction with caffeine to get my morning started.  On this particular day, my iPod shuffled Wednesday 13’s “Pieces of You,” a delightful religious song about mutilation and dismemberment.  I could only guess what the driver of the van must have thought. Perhaps he was praying for my soul, or praying he could get away from the source of the devil music as quickly as possible.  It could have been worse, the iPod could have  played other equally religious songs from the same artist such as “God is a Lie” or “Faith in the Devil.”  I couldn’t help but sit in traffic with a ridiculous smile plastered on my face.  My smile  widened and my good humor  intensified when I realized we were stopped outside of a church.  How could you not love irony?

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