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The Whipped Cream Incident – Fact or Fiction?

Back when my husband and I were dating, probably around age 17 or so, we would often get a bite of something takeout to eat before driving off on an adventure.  On one particular evening, we stopped at a now defunct Mexican restaurant for some fried ice cream.  This wasn’t unusual, because at the time it was one of my favorite desserts and I often had a craving for it.

Unfortunately, this particular treat was covered with the most vile whipped cream.  For whatever reason, while stopped at a red light, I made the unwise decision to open the passenger door and spit out the offensive white fluff.

No harm, no foul, or so I thought.  While still stopped, I heard cheering and applause.  To my surprise, behind us was a pickup truck filled with guys.  Being naive, I didn’t understand the accolades at first.  My date politely suggested that I consider the visual of my actions.  My surprise turned to sheer horror.  Even if it’s a cliché, if it were possible to die of embarrassment, that would have been my last night alive.  You just can’t make this stuff up, or did I?

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