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Death by Dog

The prisoner was visibly terrified, as he should be.  The most heinous of crimes received the most heinous of punishments.  The state was now working in conjunction with animal rescue groups to recycle pitbulls.  No longer were the unfit for adoption euthanized.  Those dogs forever scarred by humans, forced to fight, were now able to exact their revenge.  Death by Dog, the state called it.  Lethal injection was deemed too lenient for the more violent offenders.  A contest was held to choose a new method to carry out the death penalty, and this was the overwhelming winner.  Not only were the worst of the worst eradicated, but dogs ruined through no fault of their own were allowed to live.

What was this particular prisoner’s offense?  Serial child murder.  He preyed upon the innocent and the weak.  Now tied to a pole and unable to move in an arena reminiscent of gladiator days, the inmate knew the fear his victims must have felt as he took their young lives.  In a moment the executioner would signal the release of the dogs, and give the kill command.  They would rip flesh from bones, his screams of agony only encouraging their attack.  When the prisoner eventually succumbed to his injuries, the pitbulls would cease their rampage and retreat to their kennels to be rewarded for another job well done.  Dog spelled backward is God, and one could only imagine His thoughts on the spectacle.

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