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(Talking) View-Master Disaster

Little Amy was given her brother’s Talking View-Master as he had outgrown it.  To her it was a new toy, something else to occupy her time.  It seemed harmless enough, but once it came alive, it was terrifying.

 It looked like a normal View-Master except it had a speaker beneath the area where the reels were viewed.  She didn’t mind looking through it, but Amy really didn’t care for the audio that accompanied the pictures.  There was something scary about it, and sometimes it made her cry.  It was a machine, why did it talk?  She put it in her closet, never to be seen again; it could live among the monsters that lived in there.

Adult Amy wondered if this toy may have influenced her dislike of robots today.  She pondered this as she held the Talking View-Master in her parents’ basement.  Her mother had found it in the closet years after Amy had moved from home, and Amy had always managed to forget to claim it.  Today was her mother’s yard sale, and Amy came over to help.  She was carrying items for sale from the basement, and she decided to bring the toy.  As she climbed the stairs, her foot slipped on the wood, and as she grabbed the handrail to keep from falling, the Talking View-Master tumbled from her grasp.  She watched it bounce down the stairs, its plastic body shattering into tiny pieces, a yard sale item no more.

Amy couldn’t help but smile at the mess.  She thought it was a better fate than it deserved, as she took the dustpan and brush hanging off a peg on the wall.

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