Swift of Foot

I was in the salon earlier this week getting my fifty shades of grey turned into two shades of brown.  While I was in the chair, my nail technician asked me if I could arrive 15 minutes earlier for my Saturday appointment.  Of course, this wasn’t a problem, and I ended up being half an hour early. As it turns out, she was leaving right after my pedicure to go to the stadium to do manicures and pedicures for Taylor Swift and her tour who were playing that evening. I was really excited for her to have such a unique opportunity.  For her sake I really hope she did a good job, I would hate to see my nail technician the subject of a new song.

Cake Pop Flop

A baker I am not.  This fact was confirmed this past Saturday afternoon in my feeble attempt at using an electric cake pop maker.  I had considered the purchase for some time, and when I found a machine on clearance for $12.00, I took the plunge.  I couldn’t wait to try it.

My new kitchen gadget seemed harmless enough, with its pretty red exterior and small counter footprint.  The instructions seemed straight forward and idiot proof.  Unfortunately, my creations resembled UFOs, and not the round balls pictured on the box and in the recipe.  Oh well, should the aliens descend on my home, I can greet them with a tray of red velvet spaceships.

Shelter Sadness

Spaying and neutering your pet is so important.  If finances are tight, several programs exist to help subsidize the procedure.  Check with your local shelter or rescue group for more information.  Not only will this minor operation help curb pet overpopulation, but your pet’s health, as well as behavior, will be positively affected.

Failure to alter your pet creates the problem our county shelter is now facing—no vacancy.  They are filled to capacity with both cats and dogs.  Healthy, adoptable animals are being euthanized to make room for new arrivals.  Even “no-kill” facilities are unable to accept more animals.

As a volunteer, it is a sad and depressing situation.  I urge you to please have your pets spayed and neutered!

Pfft on Reserved Parking

The number of reserved parking spaces is on the rise in shopping centers in New Jersey.  I understand the need for handicapped spaces, obviously those with disabilities have a legitimate need to be closer to where they need to go.  They have every right to those reserved parking spaces, and I would never use them no matter how far away I had to park.

What really irritates me are the signs at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club.  The offensive signs read, “Reserved for Members with Infants.”  Why should I have to walk farther because other people have chosen to breed?  Are parents more important than anyone else?  Your reproductive decisions are not my problem.

Worse yet was the sign I saw this past weekend.  “Reserved Parking Low Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicle Only.”  Better still, the word “hybrid” was painted in bright blue on the asphalt.  Congratulations for buying a car, good for you.  I will park my pickup truck lengthwise, taking up at least three hybrid spaces, and when your hybrid needs to be towed, I can haul it off for you in the bed of my truck.

As neither the infant nor hybrid reserved spaces are enforceable by law, I park in them whenever they are available.  My husband will likewise utilize the infant spaces, even if he is alone in the car.

parkingI think the only reserved spaces should be for the handicapped.  Everyone else should be able-bodied, let them fight for the other non-reserved spaces.