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Words With Enemies

Some words are fun to share with friends, others only make enemies.  Certain “new” words get under my skin in a big way.  The fact that some of them have been added to the dictionary amazes me.  Clearly there are people who do not share my feelings.

I think it started with celebrity couples and their combined names.  Annoying examples of this include Bennifer (Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez) and Tomkat (Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes).  Not only are combined names sickeningly sweet, neither of these couples exists today.  Maybe that says something about the idiotic practice of combined names, just don’t do it.

I really could do without anything that goes “viral” or is “trending.”  Viral has a negative connotation, so I will just avoid it.  Is there a vaccine to prevent infection of anything that goes viral?  Also, if someone has to tell me what’s trending, I’m not trendy enough to know in the first place.

I recently learned what “twerk” meant.  Apparently it’s dirty dancing for 2013.  Miley Cyrus thought she made history by twerking on MTV’s Video Music Awards.  Her performance was far from shocking or original.

If you wander into someone else’s photograph and become immortalized digitally or on film, that is known as a “photobomb.”  “Photobomb” existed long before a name was given to it.

Currently the word that bugs me the most is “selfie.”  I cringe at the number of people taking photos of themselves in mirrors, clutching their iPhone as if it were a bottle of water in the desert.  I can’t help myself; I want to punch those people.  If they are making a “duck face” they should be punched twice for that infraction alone.

Speaking of iPhone, “i” anything is annoying.  I want to slap you upside your iHead with your iProduct.  I have nothing against Apple products or anyone who uses them, heck, I have an iPod.  The “i” prefix just drives me up the iWall.

Of course, “blog ” is a most wonderful word, is it not?

What words make you crazy and why?

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