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Size Matters

It’s too big.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but it’s too much for little me to handle.  It’s not too thick, but when I sheath it, it’s a tight fit.  Put your dirty mind aside, I am referring to my 17” laptop.

I bought this computer to better spend time with my family, instead of spending too many hours isolated in the second floor computer room with the desktop PC.  It worked well for that purpose, but now that I have need to take it out of the house, its size is cumbersome, and at times is embarrassing.

I can’t lug it anywhere in style.  There are no cute accessories for laptops of this size.  I finally found a pink sleeve on Amazon to fit it, but it is so large that it resembles a pillowcase.  When the computer is squeezed in its sleeve, it barely fits in my hideous, thick messenger bag touted as holding most 17” laptops.  (I guess the designer never saw my HP behemoth).  The good news is with all the compartments the bag holds a lot of stuff in addition to the computer, but the bad news is it’s very ugly and huge on my petite frame.

When I do manage to wrestle it out the door (it actually has a nick in the case from contact with the door frame), it is often the biggest computer wherever I go.  Sometimes I feel it may as well be a typewriter that I carry.  Not only does it occupy too much table space, it’s a challenge to see people across the table when it’s in use.

Despite my complaints, my laptop does what I need it to do without any problems, so I can’t justify a new purchase.  Of course, should it succumb to an “accidental” death involving liquid or a fall, its case will barely be cold before I am in the market for a smaller, sexier number with cute accessories.  I shouldn’t speak ill of my computer, it did allow me to type this blog.  Did the screen just flicker?  Can it understand the words that I typed?  Oh no . . . . . . .

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