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Welcome Just October

My favorite month of the year has arrived.  I love October because it’s autumn, the scents, tastes, and colors of the season are wonderful.  It is also my birth month, and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  What should be a joyous month is overshadowed by the doom and gloom constant awareness of breast cancer.  Don’t get me wrong, my family has been affected by this awful disease and it’s horrible.  I just don’t think the month needs to be dedicated to it.  But it’s not just October.  It seems other months are losing their identities.  Why can’t a month just be a month?  It seems each one is designated for someone’s history, heritage or cause.  Who cares?

I will welcome just October, and enjoy it as it was meant to be.  Orange, black, and brown are representative of the month, not pink.

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