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The Book Wore Jeans and Sneakers

We are taught not to judge a book by its cover.  Despite its outward appearance, a masterpiece may be contained therein.  This concept is ingrained in us since childhood.  With that being said, why as adults are dress codes enforced, particularly in the workplace?

 Costumes are for Halloween, not for daily wear.  I guess there is some magic in that shirt, tie, and pantsuit that makes the wearer more successful at their job.  That must be why jeans and tee shirts are less expensive—they lack that special magic.

 Personally, I wouldn’t want to be buried in most of my work clothes.  If I wouldn’t wear it to the mall, it’s not for me.  I would spend $50.00 on a concert shirt, but that amount spent on a work outfit is a waste of money.  If people are going to judge me on my appearance rather than my performance, they are not people with whom I would choose to associate in the first place.

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