Pride and Joy

I had been searching unsuccessfully for a few years for a 1982-1992 Camaro.  My brother had a  1982 Z28 that was the most gorgeous car I had ever seen.  It was so dark metallic blue that it looked black.  The Z28 emblem and stripes were baby blue.  He and our dad modified it for racing and had a lot of fun.

 The car is long gone but it was never forgotten.  When my husband’s 1998 Toyota with over 300,000 miles was put on life support consisting of a transmission fluid IV, we knew it was time to buy another car.

 My husband surprised me at work on a Friday with a 2011 Chevy Camaro, orange and black, representing my love of Halloween and the Philadelphia Flyers.  We sealed the deal the next day and it became ours.  I am going from a pickup truck to a sports car, but I finally have my own Camaro (and my hubby finally has his own truck).

In the picture it looks red, but it is definitely orange in person.