Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Ok, that isn’t true.  It would have been safer had they been kung fu fighting.  Unfortunately, it seems that everybody skips fighting and goes to shooting these days.

I wondered what causes people to commit such a horrible act of violence.  One theory is simple rudeness.  Basic manners in society are sorely lacking, it’s all about me and screw everyone else.  I think dealing with nasty people daily can cause an unstable person to snap.  I certainly don’t condone shooting someone over texting or exceeding the item limit in line at stores, but I understand the frustration of dealing with inconsiderate people all the time.  Everyone needs to go back to what they learned as children, be kind and treat people the way you would want to be treated.  We aren’t the only people on the planet, but it appears many are too self-absorbed to extend common courtesy to fellow humans.

Oh! Christmas Tree

One of the things that depresses me most after the holidays is seeing all the discarded live Christmas trees curbside.  Other than the mess, that could be a reason why I prefer artificial trees.  Real trees look so pitiful just lying there, another victim of our disposable society.  Once it’s past it’s useful life, we dispose of it.  On the bright side, my hope is that these trees will be recycled into mulch or something beneficial.  Just don’t  get me started on any ornaments that may have accidentally been left behind.