This New Heart of Mine

            No, it hasn’t broke 1000 times (ok, maybe a couple), sorry Rod Stewart.  In fact, like the Grinch, I feel it has grown three sizes.  My wonderful husband gave me a new necklace for Valentine’s Day this year.  Not only is it a lovely piece, but the heartfelt sentiment behind it reduced me to tears of a good kind.  He explained that the largest heart represents him, the middle heart represents me, and the smaller rose gold heart represents all the members of our fur family, past, present and future.  His heart encompasses the others, thereby “having us all covered.”  After all these years he still gets me keyed up, so I hope he liked the keyboard I gave him for his new tablet.  




My Furry Valentine 2014

On February 15, 2014, Pet Savers held My Furry Valentine, their 3rd annual oldies dance party fundraiser.  The event was held at Masso’s Crystal Manor in Glassboro, New Jersey.  The crowd enjoyed a buffet of salads, roast beef, ziti and meatballs.  To work off their meal, attendees danced to the sounds of local band Goodfellas, helmed by the director of the Gloucester County Animal Shelter, Bill Lombardi.

The venue was tastefully decorated with hearts for the occasion.  The door prizes, raffles and basket auctions were big hits, as always.  Several lucky people left with prizes; there were over 91 baskets up for grabs!

The volunteers did a fantastic job putting this event together.  This is one of Pet Saver’s biggest fundraisers, which has become an annual event.  For more information on Pet Saver’s mission, please visit the organization’s website at and consider making a donation.  The local animals who benefit from your generosity will thank you for it.




With This Ring

I overheard a group of ladies discussing their engagement rings and wedding bands.  The baubles were impressive, quite large and expensive.  They were talking designers, clarity and the cost of their massive rocks.  This got me thinking of my own wedding set.

It isn’t anything I would have chosen.  My rock resembles more of a pebble, weighing in at a modest quarter of a carat.  Much like its owner, I’m sure the diamond is flawed.  It’s also round in shape, which wouldn’t be my first choice.  It does have three tiny accent diamonds along the main stone, making the band a bit more elaborate.  The matching wedding band is plain save for another three small diamonds, but when locked together, the set is very nice, albeit small.

Although I have never cared much for the set, it is priceless.  My beloved husband was 19 years old, in college, and working in a grocery store at the time the set was purchased.  He sold some of his belongings to help pay for my ring.  It was the best he could afford at the time, bought from a store not specializing in jewelry, and it was a complete surprise to me when he proposed.  I would never consider upgrading or replacing the set, as you just can’t put a price tag on the wonderful love story my rings tell.  ♥♥♥

Snow Day

An unexpected snow day is like winning the lottery for the working person.  I don’t mean it’s on par with the Mega Millions, but like matching the right symbols on a scratch off, it’s a welcome surprise.

Shoveling aside, snow days can be wonderful.  Feeling cozy and warm at home makes for a great day.  We work hard to pay for the very thing where we spend the least amount of our time, so an extra day almost forced to be inside is glorious.  The day can be spent watching movies or t.v., reading a good book, playing in the snow with the kiddies, or working from home if necessary.  Warmth can be found by the fire, under blankets, or through the consumption of hot beverages.  When darkness falls and the digging out is complete, it seems even cozier at home.  The streetlights reflect off the snow’s sheen, illuminating the sky on a cold winter’s night.  It is quiet but for the wind, the streets are empty, and you are grateful for the sanctuary of your home.

Embrace the snow day as a day to enjoy however you please, because depending on where you live, such days are few and far between.