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Snow Day

An unexpected snow day is like winning the lottery for the working person.  I don’t mean it’s on par with the Mega Millions, but like matching the right symbols on a scratch off, it’s a welcome surprise.

Shoveling aside, snow days can be wonderful.  Feeling cozy and warm at home makes for a great day.  We work hard to pay for the very thing where we spend the least amount of our time, so an extra day almost forced to be inside is glorious.  The day can be spent watching movies or t.v., reading a good book, playing in the snow with the kiddies, or working from home if necessary.  Warmth can be found by the fire, under blankets, or through the consumption of hot beverages.  When darkness falls and the digging out is complete, it seems even cozier at home.  The streetlights reflect off the snow’s sheen, illuminating the sky on a cold winter’s night.  It is quiet but for the wind, the streets are empty, and you are grateful for the sanctuary of your home.

Embrace the snow day as a day to enjoy however you please, because depending on where you live, such days are few and far between. 

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