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A Camaro By Any Other Name

Like any proud parents, we had to name our orange and black bundle of joy. What gender is our Camaro? Since it has an automatic transmission, I believe it to be female. My husband pointed out that it could be switched to manual transmission, and since it’s a muscle car, it’s a male.

Clearly we needed a gender-neutral moniker. We agreed on Sam, for either Samuel or Samantha. Then it occurred to us, Sam is short for SAMHAIN! Perfect!

We attended a spell casting in Salem, Massachusetts last October, and the witch pronounced Samhain as “sah-win,” not “sam hane” as most people (us included) believe. Long story short, Samhain evolved through the years to what is now known as Halloween. A Camaro by any other name would still be awesome, but not as awesome as our Sam.

Inferno Orange Metallic

Inferno Orange Metallic

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