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If the Shoe Fits, Buy It

            If you’re a woman with little feet, you know shoe shopping is difficult. It’s tough to snag sizes 5-5 ½ in any cute style, especially since the smallest size in some shoes is a 6. It can be a competitive pursuit. I learned this first hand while trying to find black sandals to wear with jeans to compete a look I had recently seen in a magazine. 

            I was strolling the scant selection in a local store when I spotted the cutest black wedges. The 5 ½ was slightly too large, the ankle strap not entirely tight, but with small feet you’ll take whatever reasonably fits. On sale for $19.99, the American Eagles were a bargain.

            While admiring the heels, I saw a customer stride down the aisle in the same shoe, only in brown. Brown! At that price I could splurge on another pair. The salesperson assisting me remarked, “Great minds think alike,” when she spotted the other wedges walking away.

            I quickly stuffed my feet back into my black sneaks and headed to the next aisle, the small shoe section. Next to me stood the other well-heeled person in the store. I scanned my size looking for the brown pair. Denied! A brief conversation with the other customer revealed we wore the same size. I was looking for the brown as my second pair, and she the black.

            When you have small feet and finally find a pair of shoes, you never let them out of your sight, and never put them down for a second. Like a mother eagle protecting her eaglets (or in this case, American Eagle shoes), I clutched the red and white box in my talons. My fingers ached from the tight grip. In order to avoid a Jerry Springer-esque smack down, I stole away to the registers to pay for my prize. The clerk found a brown pair for me at another store and put them on hold. Since small sizes are sold out almost as soon as they hit the shelves, I really appreciate this service. Now all I have to do is get my feet ready for sandals courtesy of a home pedicure. Now where did I put that belt sander?


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