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Hope Chest

            I found a gem of a boutique in Bridgeton, New Jersey. I was browsing Alex and Ani’s website for bracelets and looked to see what local retailers carried their merchandise. That’s how I discovered Hope Chest.

            I drove 45 minutes in search of a bracelet for myself, and as a gift for Mother’s Day. My experience was well worth the trip.

            The store is warm and welcoming. I was greeted by a friendly staff member as I entered. Megan assisted me with the Alex and Ani display. She answered all my questions and was very pleasant and professional. Megan also offered a suggestion to “train” my bracelets into a smaller size by keeping them in a cup. Brilliant! Not only did I purchase a bracelet for myself and for Mother’s Day, I also ordered another that wasn’t in stock. The gift for my mom was beautifully wrapped, which is a convenience I appreciate. Also, the out-of-stock bracelet I ordered on a Saturday was available for pick up the following Tuesday, which was sooner than I expected.

            I perused the store and found a variety of lovely items. The clothing and accessories were well organized and artfully displayed, not to mention reasonably priced. I feared I would come home empty handed, because I figured anything I liked would be cost prohibitive. In addition to the three Alex and Ani bracelets, I left with a scarf and another brand of bracelet. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices.

            If you are ever in the area, visit Hope Chest. You will leave with a bag of unique treasures, and will support a local business in the process. You won’t be disappointed. You can like them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TheHopeChestKimRose.


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