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Discovering Pandora

As my dad would say, I’m a day late and a dollar short. I discovered Pandora bracelets after the height of their popularity, just a couple weeks ago. I always assumed they would never fit and be cost prohibitive.

I never wear bracelets unless they are stretch or adjustable. I envy those able to wear arm candy, everything I try slid to my elbow. Not an attractive look. My petite wrists are the problem, measuring two inches smaller than the standard size. “Adjustable” bracelets usually mean larger, not smaller.

One day I ventured into the intimidating Pandora store in the mall. I asked the salesperson about sizes and learned they carried bracelets that would fit a toddler, so they would have something for me. I could at long last buy a decent piece that didn’t look like it came out of a toy machine and cost a quarter.

I told myself I was just looking, which never works out. They were having a starter bracelet promotion, including a bracelet, two clips and a charm. As I prefer yellow gold, I wanted the silver bracelet with a gold clasp. That’s where the cost prohibitive part comes in. After the sticker shock, I settled for all silver.

Charms for the bracelet range in price and can be expensive. If you’re a yellow gold fan, you’ll need to be a lottery winner to build a gold bracelet. I will choose some cheaper two-tone charms so it will better match gold jewelry. Mixing metals used to be a fashion faux pas, but I understand it’s now an acceptable practice, even if the concept is strange to me.

My bracelet consists of only five charms, but on another day I splurged on a black leather bracelet, two clips and a charm. It remains to be seen if these will be classic pieces, but it doesn’t matter. I will wear them with pride just as I do my retro yellow gold initial ring and dog tag. Take that, fashionistas.

My First Pandora Bracelet

My First Pandora Bracelet – A Work in Progress


I Love the Toughness of the Leather with the Sweetness of the Pandora Bag Charm

I Love the Toughness of the Leather with the Sweetness of the Pandora Bag Charm


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