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Bizarre AC

A newer convention was held June 13-15 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. As a veteran of horror conventions, I decided to attend. I’m not sure if the 4th floor of the Tropicana will ever be the same.

Bizarre AC was an appropriate name for this show. There was almost a carnival atmosphere, with eerie clowns roaming the floor and a host complete with top hat and tails who moved everything along. Not only was horror represented, but there were many steam punk booths as well.

There were a variety of shows to entertain the crowd, including Inked Illusionists and Stupid Shit People Do for Money. Cash was won by eating live worms and goldfish in a manner specified by the hosts of the event. I wasn’t able to watch the competition, but no amount of money would persuade me to participate.

Celebrities were on hand to sign autographs and take photos. I was delighted to meet medium Chip Coffey, who lent his ability to the television show Paranormal State. While he did not have a question and answer panel, we sat through an often hilarious panel with some of the cast of the Kevin Smith film Clerks.


Chip Coffey


Vendors were selling their wares, and you could even get a tattoo or haircut while strolling the ballroom. I picked up a few items including an Alice Cooper Friday the 13th tile and Sharkspeare tee shirt.


An Itzy Bitzy’s Design



So Ridiculous I Had to Have It

Bizarre AC seems to be growing popular, and plans are underway for another show. The event is well run and easy to explore. If you’re into horror or steam punk, or are looking for something different to do, check out Bizarre AC.

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