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My First Vera

When I hear the word Vera I immediately think of the ditzy waitress at Mel’s Diner, beautiful wedding gowns, and gaudy purses. (Not necessarily in that order, lest I show my age). A recent visit to a treasured boutique has changed my opinion of the purses.

I perused the Vera Bradley display, where I expected to find the usual matronly fare, hideous colors (I’m not a fan of blue or purple), in equally hideous patterns. Paisley reminds me of high school science class and amoebas, or anything you might see under a microscope.

A black and white crossbody with a pop of yellow (a print known as Fanfare) caught my attention. I am the Goldilocks of handbags, I find most styles too small or too big. This particular Vera was just right, the pattern subdued yet fun. I noticed that some bags were also available in solid colors for the faint of heart.

Vera Bradley Crossbody in Fanfare

Vera Bradley Crossbody in Fanfare – So Cute!

It’s been a couple days, and I am enjoying my new purchase. Of course, I have it filled almost to capacity, but it is soft, comfortable and washable. I visited the Vera Bradley website where I picked up the same style bag in an awesome fall print (Bittersweet) for half price. If you’re not a fan of bold prints, and find Vera Bradley bags better suited for your grandmother, give them another try. You may be surprised to find something in their line that appeals to your taste. I will soon be the owner of two Vera bags, and I will consider purchasing more in the future.

2 thoughts on “My First Vera

  1. I’m so clueless to fashion names that I didn’t know that I had purchased a famous Japanese designer handbag from Ross until my fashion designer granddaughter went gaga over it and tried to claim my bag. I didn’t give it to her. I love the bag, Loretta!!!

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