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As someone who favors any food that is limited edition, such as pumpkin and gingerbread, I shouldn’t be surprised that Burger King pulled my beloved Satisfries from two thirds of their restaurants. The thick, crinkle cut variation of the French fry is going the way of Burger King sliders. Remember those? Neither do I. I guess I will run to Chik-fil-A for my potato fix, and we know from history that sometimes it only takes a chick to bring down a king.

This is Neither Satisfries Nor My Hand

This is Neither Satisfries Nor My Hand

One thought on “Unsatisfried

  1. Now you see, Loretta, I’m with you. I love the potato flavor and I love LOTS of potato flavor. My daughter brought me home Chik-fil-A fries last night. I was just telling Glenn about the potato part of chips on his French Fry blog. Oh, and your Lizzie Borden dramatization sounds wonderful. The photos are great and you look good in the period outfit. “Talk” to you soon! ~Victoria Marie Lees

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