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Fright Factory

I am happy that Halloween attractions are starting in September, and at a discounted admission price to boot. Since Christmas starts earlier each year, it doesn’t bother me that the holiday has crept into September and sometimes November. It is my tradition to attend at least one haunted house or hayride each weekend in October.

We visited our first haunt of the Halloween season last weekend. We experienced Fright Factory in Philadelphia, an old warehouse on Swanson Street transformed into an attraction worthy of a mention on The Travel Channel.


Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

It was opening weekend and the line was manageable, as we were there around 8:00 p.m. and they closed at midnight. There were ghouls roaming the premises to entertain the patrons waiting to experience the factory.


Friend or Fiend?

Friend or Fiend?

Once inside we made our way through the pews of a church scene. We found ourselves in a hallway waiting for this year’s photo opportunity. Each season they have an area set up for pictures. Fright Factory had a special treat for opening weekend. For two days only, you could have a picture taken with the actual Annabelle doll seen in the film The Conjuring, and soon to appear in her own feature, Annabelle. In addition to the photos, we were given free movie posters and cardboard Annabelle masks. Our group took a photo wearing the masks which we learned was for Warner Brothers. Everyone received free passes to see the movie Annabelle, which opens October 3.




I won’t spoil the rest of the haunt, but I recommend going if you have the chance. The attraction has gotten longer over the years, and scenes change. If you’re looking for some scares, check them out, you just may meet new undead friends.


My Favorite Ghoul

My Favorite Ghoul

4 thoughts on “Fright Factory

  1. So…am I the only one who gets frightened at these things? Good post, Loretta, although I needed to block some of the photos. Okay, so I’m a chicken.

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