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A Night at the Cemetery

Some people prefer a night at the opera, while others enjoy a night at the ballpark. Not me, my inner Goth girl prefers an October night at the cemetery. I enjoyed the funerary concert so much that I attended Laurel Hill Cemetery’s Cinema in the Cemetery event.

The evening was crisp, chilled hands were thrust into the pockets of our hoodies as we wound our way to the temporary cemetery theater. We passed two fire pits along the way, in close proximity to the ice cream cart. Frozen treats were a nice addition in theory, but as we left later in the evening with hoods pulled tight over our heads, hot chocolate or cider would have been a preferable concession.

We found the perfect plot (pun intended) to set up our camping chairs. We enjoyed our provisions of pumpkin ale, candy corn, and assortment of other snacks and beverages as we sat among the tombstones. While I would have preferred something scarier, we were treated to 1960’s Little Shop of Horrors shown in black and white on a giant inflatable screen. The movie was paused a few times because wind gusts threatened to carry the screen away on more than one occasion. Was it wind or were the deceased not fans of Seymour and his plant?

Cinema in the Cemetery

Cinema in the Cemetery

Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

I am looking forward to next year’s Cinema in the Cemetery. Not since seeing Jaws on the beach has there been a more perfect atmosphere for movie viewing. Happy Halloween!

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