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Valley of Fear

I never heard of Valley of Fear. How did I not know about this little gem tucked away in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, now in its 25th year of operation? Someone told me about their 80’s horror icon night. For one night only, their hayride sets were changed to resemble the stomping grounds of killers past. Always a slasher fan, I gave up previous plans that night to shoot zombies at a different venue.

I have never been on a hayride where you sit on the edge of the wagon, legs dangling in front of you. On most hayrides your back is to the action. This different configuration gives you a front row seat to the show, forcing you to face your fears.

I was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning when I saw the sign for Camp Crystal Lake. The actor playing Jason Voorhees was huge, and he “killed” a few campers before turning his rage on the hayride patrons.

Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and even Chucky disposed of their victims with equal enthusiasm. Michael Myers added his trademark head tilt after dispatching one person caught in the woods, which elicited a squeal of approval from me. Such attention to detail! John Carpenter would be proud. Of course, I found myself cheering for the bad guys. When it was all over, like other people with roller coasters, I wanted to ride the hayride again. If I weren’t short on time and money, I would have done just that.

If the horror icons return next year, I will be the first in line with time to spare and enough money to ride the wagon at least twice. Valley of Fear offers three other attractions which include Scarytales, Zombie Escape Maze, and Operation Z Zombie Paintball Hunt.

Attraction Entrance

Attraction Entrance

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