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Coffee & Tea Festival

I attended the Coffee & Tea Festival held at the Pennsylvania Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania. My first sample was Mexican hot chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. The chocolate was made in the traditional way, using a wooden whisk called a molinillo, for demonstration purposes. I purchased a bag of the decadent powder mix to make at home.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate

A Canadian woman was selling coffee and tea themed jewelry. I picked up a pair of silver coffee bean earrings and a charm to match. I couldn’t resist a latte cup charm as well.


I sampled Aloha Tea from Great Big Teas. It was delicious, so I picked up some loose leaves. Being a coffee drinker, the vendor didn’t laugh at me when I asked her what to do with the leaves. She was very patient in explaining the process, and even gave me a complimentary thing to put the leaves in for steeping. I learned that the said “thing” is called an infuser.

Great Big Teas

Great Big Teas

I bought coconut tea and compressed snack nuts before leaving. The show was enjoyable, but the event name was a misnomer, as tea vendors outnumbered the coffee purveyors. I doubt I will be a tea convert, but at least I have some to try.

Pennsylvania Expo Center at Oaks

Pennsylvania Expo Center at Oaks

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