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How the Grinch Stole Black Friday

Not only does the Grinch threaten to interfere with Christmas, now he wants to ruin the most popular shopping day of the year, Black Friday.


Gone are the days of perusing a pile of newspaper circulars on Thanksgiving, cultivating a battle plan based on the retailer who opened first, had the best early bird giveaway, or had the sought after item in stock.

My mom and I would venture out before dawn on Friday, usually in layers for the inevitable cold. After a mandatory stop at Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee and a sugary breakfast, we would park at the first store and either wait in the car’s warmth, or stand in line if one had already formed. Back then you would compare start times with other shoppers, and being somewhere when it opened meant you were hardcore.

All that has changed. The corporate grinches have eliminated the magic that was Black Friday, by opening stores on Thanksgiving. Before the pumpkin pie is digested, you can get a jump start on your holiday shopping. This recent development has taken the fun out of Black Friday.

I will still venture out this Friday as planned, but it will feel like any other day. Thanksgiving Day shoppers burdened with unwieldy packages will pass me as they exit the stores, their day of purchasing at an end while mine just begins. I will pine for Black Fridays past, when it was a fun adventure without the fear of being trampled or pepper sprayed. If anything hits the fan at a particular retailer, I already know where they sell the machetes. Happy shopping!


2 thoughts on “How the Grinch Stole Black Friday

  1. I have never, and most likely will never, shop on Black Friday (and now I need to add ‘or Thanksgiving’) but I appreciate what you’re saying. It was a tradition for you and your Mom and it’s sad that it has been ruined. The whole thing depresses me, but I didn’t feel this negatively about it until stores started opening before 5 am. It’s really a shame…. I go out of my way to patron stores that are closed on Holidays and don’t decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving (like Nordstroms).

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