Elf on a Firelog

You would expect to find chestnuts roasting on an open fire, but not an elf. I found my elf tied to a firelog in our fireplace insert. I mentioned before that she has mad skills, but I believe she had help with this predicament.

IMG_4128            My Alice Cooper doll looks suspicious. He’s replaced his trademark cane with a matchstick, and from the looks of things, I foiled his plan not a moment too soon. Santa Claws is watching, Alice.


Elf on a Tombstone

I remember the creepy red and green pixie dolls growing up, a precursor to the more modern Elf on the Shelf. The concept of moving the elf place to place is new to me. Sad that Halloween is over, I thought I would start my own twisted take on the Christmas tradition.

My elf has mad skills, and like an unruly teenager, she has no desire to be confined to the walls of our home. This wayward minx made her way to the graveyard. I’m not sure to whom she is paying her respects. Could it be Jacob Marley, Ebenezer Scrooge’s partner, resting beneath the earth? No, I don’t think so. Perhaps it is the grandma who got run over by a reindeer. I can’t be sure, but I brought my elf back home to her shelf, perched high atop the family room until her next adventure.

20141207_164334 (1)20141207_164400

Disclaimer:  No actual graves were desecrated in the making of this blog. The reverse side of this stone states the name of the cemetery, and is not being utilized as an actual grave marker.

Warlock Defined

My October sojourn to Salem, Massachusetts was educational as well as recreational. I took an evening tour filled with interesting facts, but there was one particular nugget of information that stuck with me. I always thought witches were females, and warlocks their male counterparts. Not so, according to our tour guide.

Both males and females can be witches. Warlocks were witches who for whatever reason broke away or were cast out of their coven. These are the bad guys (and girls).

So there you have it, a bit of trivia to impress your friends or bore strangers.

Witch (Not Warlock) Altar

Witch (Not Warlock) Altar