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It’s All in the Wrist(let)

I took the plunge and bought a black Simply Vera Wang wristlet from Kohl’s. It amounts to little more than a purse on a string. Not even a string, more like a loop.

Simply Vera Wang

Simply Vera Wang

Wristlets are cute, but I wasn’t sure I would have practical use for this accessory. I envied the girls who could carry these things with confidence. To be free from a bagful of unnecessary crap must be liberating.

A man must have invented the wristlet, because I felt like one when I recently went to the movies with my hubby and male friend. American Sniper was a long movie, so I opted for the wristlet over my normal bag so I wasn’t weighted down in my seat. It worked well, but if you sneak food or drinks into the theater, be sure to wear something with pockets because nothing will fit in these little suckers.

When I walked out of the movie with this thing dangling from my wrist, I couldn’t help but feel like I left something behind. How do guys manage with just a wallet? Do their noses never run? Don’t get me started on handkerchiefs, the gross washable snot rags.

I decided I could use my wristlet when I had meetings, because any items I felt lost without could always go in my laptop bag. It would be easier to carry those two things over a laptop bag and purse.

I imagine they are handy when walking the dog. Be forewarned that due to its size you will need a poop bag holder that clips onto something. I haven’t taken my wristlet on a dog walking adventure yet, but maybe I’ll give it a shot when winter is over.

I think my wristlet is small, but I bought the largest size I could get my hands on. I am anticipating the purchase of an even larger smartphone at the end of the year. My hubby’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 fits in both the black wristlet and this cutie:


Juicy Couture

This is a Juicy Couture wristlet that I scored for $2.00 after a few discounts, also at Kohl’s. It’s large for what it is, and it’s pink! It also has two zippered sections instead of one.

The first wristlet I bought is a small Vera Bradley, mainly because I love the raisin color and it’s being retired. It will hold my current Motorola Maxx, so I’ll enjoy our time together until I get a new phone later this year.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley

I figured I have my seasons covered with these guys, the black for the fall/winter, and the pink for the spring/summer.

While wristlets will never replace a purse (at least for me anyway), I do see their value. If you want to take a lighter load with you somewhere, they’re perfect.

Like Linus with his blanket, I feel naked without my purse. What if I get stopped for an impromptu game of Let’s Make a Deal? What if I need to wield it as a weapon? Wristlets just wouldn’t be as effective as a purse would be.

One cool thing about wristlets is that no one asks you to carry their crap. After all, it’s not big enough to hold my crap, how could it hold yours?

I prefer to use medium-sized bags, but it seems purses are only available in micro and gigantic sizes with nothing in between. Are you a fan of the wristlet?

2 thoughts on “It’s All in the Wrist(let)

  1. I’m so old school that I need a bag that can hold a book because I’m always carrying one. And my full sized monthly calendar and address book. I guess I could use a wristlet if I get a palm device. Maybe that’s why wristlets are so popular now.

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