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Happy Birthday Blog


My baby turns two years old today. What should I give my blog for its birthday? A spiffy new theme? It’s had the same basic look for as long as it’s been in existence. The overall format is pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate and read. A new widget? No, I don’t think there’s room for anything else and I don’t want things to get crowded. I have already spent money on it, enough to give it my own domain name, and it also doesn’t suffer the indignity of random advertisements. I haven’t spent a hefty sum, just enough to show it some love and keep it professional.

How about a name change? The name is so long, and it’s obvious I’m a fan of alliteration. I’ve thought about shortening it to Mirth and Madness, but is it wise to rename your kid? That would also mean a trip to Vistaprint for updated business cards.

How about a focus? No, that would belie mirth and madness. My blog is about anything that strikes my fancy any given week. Writing weekly on a specific topic would be too restrictive. I would prefer more freedom.

I don’t think what my kid wants is a shiny new theme, widget or a specific topic. A name change? Perhaps. I’ll ponder it. What does a two year old really want from their parent? The gift of time and attention.

When I started my blog in 2013, I promised myself I would attempt to post once a week. Barring vacations and life getting in the way, I kept my promise. My blog is one of the pages my browser automatically opens, alongside my email and Google, so it’s at least open when I’m using my laptop.

My blog has come a long way since my very first post. I had wanted to start writing again after many years. Mirth and Madness gave me an outlet for my creativity, and sometimes the lack of it. My vow to post consistently helped get me into the habit of writing again. I enjoyed my trips to my site and, even if no one else read it, I was creating something.

Blogging led me to join a writers’ group. From there I started writing newsletter articles and short stories. I’ve even submitted some of my work, something I never thought I would do.

My little blog that’s not about anything in particular has revived my passion for writing and led me to exciting opportunities I never before would have thought available to me. No matter how hectic the days may be, I still strive to write on my blog once a week. If I’m unable to do that, I will at least check in.

While I gave life to my blog, it gave new life to me. Happy Birthday.

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