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Spring Has Sprung


It’s officially spring in New Jersey, according to the calendar anyway. It’s too bad Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a switch you could throw to change seasons? We were treated to snow and a freezing rain mix to usher in spring. It didn’t last long, the climate warm enough to melt the mess fast, and everyone hoped that was winter’s last blast.

My favorite part of spring is the daylight lasting longer. Nothing is more depressing than leaving work at 5:00 p.m. in total darkness. Now it’s sunny when I leave, which leads to renewed energy for other things when I get home. I no longer want to go straight to bed and hibernate, the evening a total loss at 6:00 p.m. when I get home.

More daylight will lead to warmer temperatures. The winter wardrobe, consisting of sweaters for work and sweatshirts for play, will give way to short sleeves and capri pants. I’m looking forward to leaving the house sans heavy coat and winter accessories, no additional gear necessary.

The candles in the house can be changed from Christmas scents to smells of the great outdoors. Somehow they’re still appropriate even in the summer with the house closed up and the air conditioning running. I’ve swapped out Mistletoe and Christmas Cookie for Dune Grass and Meadow Mist. It feels like it’s been a long time coming.

The decorations on the front of the house can also be revamped. Gone are the plastic poinsettias and gold ornaments in the window boxes on the next nice day. Flags promising better days ahead will be a pleasant break from grinning snowmen welcoming winter.

Spring also means the dining room table’s theme can be changed. A table cover in a light color will brighten the dark room. Even though we don’t often utilize the table for meals, knowing it is appropriately adorned is a pick me up.

Since Easter is a week away, I will forego dragging the decorations out of the basement. I’ve just been too busy to worry about it. We have a live bunny who is part of the family, so I think we have the holiday covered year round.



What’s not so great about spring? The cleaning. I tell myself I’m in between mansions, so why bother. What do you enjoy the most about springtime?

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