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The Creeper Gallery

I stopped in Christmas Past, a Christmas shop on my latest visit to New Hope, Pennsylvania. The stores that peddle Santa and reindeer all year almost always have a decent section of merchandise for my favorite holiday, Halloween. I picked out two new decorations, and as the clerk rang up my purchases, he suggested I check out the shop across the street, since I seemed to like scary things.

Metaltoe for Halloween?

I took his advice and found my way to the scary, rather creepy, place. Aptly named The Creeper Gallery, the unassuming store front held inside a most interesting collection of gothic fine art and curiosities. The store was neatly arranged and not the least bit cluttered, despite the variety of displays to see. There were so many different pieces to discover, that I found something new on each pass around the shop. I almost didn’t notice the dolls hanging by their necks above the register.


There were several art pieces that included animals, and yes, they were alive at one time. Taxidermy comprises some of the art projects. I came face-to-face with a black bear, waiting for it to swipe at me with its huge claws. It was a fascinating piece and one of my favorite items available for sale.


The store also had some antique items on display. Who wouldn’t be interested in “perfumed embalming fluid of a superior quality”? To accompany that, you may be interested in antique embalming equipment to go along with the fluid.



Fans of Edgar Allan Poe can take home a large replica of the horror master, complete with a raven perched on his shoulder. I can’t imagine this piece staying in the store for long. It’s an uncanny likeness of the author.


In a small, darkened room off the main store is a coffin display. It was so well done that you couldn’t help but be quiet and respectful, as if the “departed” were once a real human.


If smaller corpses are more your thing, there was a small coffin filled with three dolls that had seen better days. They resemble toys that may have been enjoyed by Wednesday Adams, if she played with toys.


If you would like to write down your thoughts and prayers and store them away, you can take home this intricate prayer box. It would make a lovely conversation piece for the home.


This is one of the artists responsible for some of the wonderful artwork found throughout the store. I believe she was manning the register the day we visited. She was very friendly, answering questions with grace that she’s probably been asked several times before.


If you have an interest in the dark and different, be sure to check out The Creeper Gallery whenever you’re in the New Hope, Pennsylvania area. The store is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, allowing the artists the other days to work their macabre magic. To see a slideshow of more photos my from my visit, please click here.


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