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My K-Cup Runneth Over


I am a confessed coffee addict. I’m the only coffee drinker in my house, and my caffeine intake is limited for health reasons, so I never brew a whole pot. Before the single serve brewer came into my life, I drank exclusively Café Francais instant powder mix from Maxwell House. Don’t knock it, if I hadn’t discovered the single serve machine, I would still be buying those metal cans six at a time, making a special trip to the one grocery store in the area that carries it.

I’m not sure what took me so long to purchase this type of machine. I was so in love with that delightful powder mix and we had such a long run. Since I’ve converted, the single serve brewer has become my favorite kitchen appliance.

There are hundreds of varieties of K-Cups to enjoy with the brewer. K-Cups are the coffee pods used with this type of coffee maker. They have not only regular and decaf coffee and tea, but also lemonade and water-based hot chocolate. Boxes of the single serve pods can be purchased from a variety of retailers, but if you can find a shop that sells them mix and match, you’ve struck gold. I have a local place I frequent that sells K-Cups by the box or individually at a great price.

I have my favorites and buy them by the box, but I’m always willing to try new brands and blends. In the morning I alternate between different flavors including Wolfgang Puck’s Rodeo Drive and Green Mountain’s Autumn Harvest Blend. In the evening I need a cup of Timothy’s Cinnamon Pastry if I want to accomplish anything after work. I am under the influence of Green Mountain’s Autumn Harvest Blend as I write this blog.

I have a machine at home, put to work twice a day, sometimes more on weekends. It only brews one size, with water added as needed. Since no one drinks coffee but me, it’s preferable to the models that have a tank that holds water until needed. It would stagnate before I could drink all of it.


Home Brewer

I have the same model at work as well. Sure we have a coffee machine, but I know decaf isn’t popular and is seldom brewed. Back in my cubicle I am able to make a cup of caffeine free goodness whenever I want. My office is freezing no matter the time of year, so having something hot to drink just by turning my chair around is useful.

Work Brewer

Work Brewer

I’m spoiled by my single serve brewers. They really are great for those who drink a cup or two a day. With so many choices of beverages, it’s never boring. Does anyone else love their brewer?

2 thoughts on “My K-Cup Runneth Over

  1. Funny you should post this. My daughter is giving me a Keurig for SJWG to have. I’ve never tried them, but know that some in our group use them all the time.

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