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Pendulum Board

On the last trip to my happiest place on earth, Salem, Massachusetts, I made my annual stop at my favorite purveyor of witchy goods. Hex Old World Witchery is located on Essex Street, and if you only have time to visit one store, be sure this is it. It’s one-stop shopping for all your witch needs. Even for non-witches like myself, a trip to Salem is not complete without a browse through this interesting place. I adore it.


Inside the store is a witch’s altar. Visitors can write messages to their departed loved ones and leave them on the sacred place. You can also purchase a reading from an authentic Salem witch during your stay.

Hex is filled with interesting products including candles, books, and herbs for spell casting. I have a cross made from coffin nails hanging above the back door to my home. I also have loose coffin nails in a red mojo bag for protection. There is something creepy yet awesome about the nails I have given them as gifts to others I think would enjoy them. I bought a pink poppet that is for love and friendship, but could also be used to cast spells. The doll safely resides in my curio cabinet.



Last year I finally bought a pendulum board, a divination tool used by witches, after a long time admiring them. They range in price from ornate carved boards costing hundreds of dollars, to my little hand painted board which set me back around $30, plus another $10 for the pendulum. Many stores in the city sell them, but I wanted one from my favorite place. My board appears to be hand made from wood, there was not another like it for sale. What attracted me to it was the style. It has a witch riding a broom and “Hex” and “Salem Mass” are found below the painting, making it functional as a souvenir as well as a spirit board.


A pendulum is needed to use the board. It swings toward its answer, and I chose a silver cone shape on a long chain from the many varieties from which to choose. Some were goldtone, others were crystals. All pieces were varying sizes and shapes, all attached to matching chains from which to hold the pendulum over the board. The pendulum is the equivalent of a Ouija board planchette, but much prettier. I chose silver because it matched my board the best.

My board lacks the standard markings of a Ouija board, but instead has N R Y P N around the top of the board. I believe they stand for no, repeat, yes, probably, and no again. Not all spirit boards have the same letters written on them. Some may have the alphabet, numbers, true, and false. You have to tailor your questions in such a way that the board can answer, depending on the responses it was designed give.

I like my pendulum board, and it makes a great conversation piece, as its permanent home is on my coffee table. It’s also much cooler than a Ouija board or Magic 8 Ball. What treasure will I bring home from my trip this Halloween? I’m thinking I’d like a spell book to lay next to the board. Blessed be!

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