I could barely see anything through the stinging haze of my tears, as I slid into the passenger seat of my vehicle. The radio turned on as the engine started, and I didn’t think it was possible to cry any harder than I already was. Slaughter’s “Fly to the Angels” filled my ears, and I switched it off with a trembling hand. How apropos. Now sitting in the shadow of my vet’s office, only moments before, I sent my beloved cat Ozzy to fly to the angels.

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Shelter Sadness

Spaying and neutering your pet is so important.  If finances are tight, several programs exist to help subsidize the procedure.  Check with your local shelter or rescue group for more information.  Not only will this minor operation help curb pet overpopulation, but your pet’s health, as well as behavior, will be positively affected.

Failure to alter your pet creates the problem our county shelter is now facing—no vacancy.  They are filled to capacity with both cats and dogs.  Healthy, adoptable animals are being euthanized to make room for new arrivals.  Even “no-kill” facilities are unable to accept more animals.

As a volunteer, it is a sad and depressing situation.  I urge you to please have your pets spayed and neutered!